Membership Dues are invoiced in January of each year, and are considered late at the end of March.  You may make payments via check by mailing it to our address:

Salem Yacht & Boat Club
P.O. Box 361
Salem OR 97308

You may make also make payments electronically.  This allows the flexibility of paying with your Credit or Debit card, using PayPal.  If you have questions, please contact our Treasurer.

Please note that paying your dues/fees with PayPal is approximately 3% greater amount than paying with a check.

Annual Dues:        

If you have not paid your Annual Dues by the end of April, your membership slot may be given to another person. Dues, if paid by cash or check, are $525, which is unchanged from recent.  For members with boats, please note, you are required to send a copy of your Proof of Insurance.  Your gate access will be disabled if proof of insurance is not submitted.

Please note:  Board approval is needed to change your membership type.  For example, if you are currently a Full member, and want to move to Associate (or vice versa), request approval from the board before paying your dues.

A $50 cleanup fee is charged for each member who does not participate in at least one of the scheduled cleanup days. If you know you will not be participating, please pay your fee now so we can plan for the events.

SYBC Annual Dues
Insurance Company and Policy #


As an alternative to paying your Annual Dues at one time, we offer a 90-day Installment Plan.  Make your first payment with your credit or debit card, and two additional charges will automatically occur on the same day of the next two months.  Your installment plan needs to begin in January.

90-day Payment Plan
Insurance Company
Policy Number