As a member of Salem Yacht and Boating Club (SYBC), I agree to adhere to the
following rules as set forth by the SYBC Board of Directors:

  • Pack-in and Pack-out After using the beach, all personal property,
    water-related toys, all trash including all calls/bottles will be removed
    and disposed of properly. This applies to all common areas.

  • Family Friendly Club. SYBC is a family-oriented, recreational club, so
    all behavior on the beach, and in the common areas (BBQ and Firepit
    areas) should be kid and family friendly. No offensive language,
    aggressive or offensive behavior. This includes excessive drinking and
    drunken behavior.

  • Water Safety Focus. SYBC promotes fun and safe use of the Willamette
    River. All members must adhere to all rules and laws of the state of
    Oregon (which can be viewed on the SYBC website), as well as guidelines
    established by the SYBC Board to allow fun and safe use of the club
    grounds and beachfront. For example: Being aware of your wake so as
    not to damage boats on the beach or docks across the river, and
    monitoring actions of children/minors on the beach and in or near

  • Guest Responsibility. All members must adhere to the maximum 5
    guest limitation, and are responsible for the behavior of their guests. All
    guests must be met at the gate and escorted into the club.

  • “After Hours” Use of Club Grounds. Members must not abuse or
    damage SYBC property when using club grounds in the evening.
    Currently, there is not a “curfew”, but members should not be having
    late-night parties with the sole purpose of excessive drinking and
    reckless behavior. This is not in the spirit of the club.

By signing this agreement (by clicking the confirmation email link), I acknowledge that I have read the above, and agree
to abide by these and all rules of SYBC, allowing for a great, safe boating
season. Violation of this agreement, or SYBC rules and guidelines, may result
in suspension or revocation of my membership in the Salem Yacht and Boating

When you submit this agreement, an email will be sent to the email address you've entered. Within a few minutes, you'll receive a confirmation email, and you'll need to click the link to complete the agreement.