Question: I would like to apply for membership to SYBC. How do I apply?

Answer: Contact any SYBC member to receive an application. If you don’t know a member, you can download a form from the Forms menu, or you can submit an application online.  SYBC is a private club, and applicants are voted on.  A sponsor (an existing Full member) is required for an application to be accepted.  If you don’t know a member, you can meet with the board of directors, and one of them may choose to be your sponsor.   Your sponsor acts as a character reference, and also assumes responsibility for making sure you understand the rules of the club, as well as where it safe to operate your boat on the river around SYBC.

Please have information about your boat and insurance before filling out the form.  It is also recommended to have a photo of your boat, and hopefully a family photo to go with the application.  We maintain a waiting list for potential new members, and there are are 22 applications currently on that list. 

The membership cap for 2020 is 85 Full members, and 15 Associate members.  We currently have 85 Full members, and 13 Associate members.



Question: How do I subscribe to Text Alerts?

Answer: Send a text message to (971) 240-5494 with the word ‘JOIN’.  You will receive an automatic message telling you how to unsubscribe later. We do not send many text messages, so don’t worry about getting a lot of unwanted messages!



Question: How can I contact the SYBC Board?

Answer: To reach the entire board at the same time, you have a couple options.  You can send an email to  You can also send a text message (and please include your name) to (971) 599-2789.  Both of these options will go to all SYBC board members at the same time, and someone will respond.



Question: I am a new SYBC member. How can I find out where it is safe to operate my boat?

Answer: The best answer is to have one of our “older” members take you for a ride on the river and show you all the good and bad places. Nearly any member will be willing to do this for you.  Just ask.  If you don’t know who to ask, then pick any of the Board members.  Feel free to send a text (see previous entry) or an email to

Alternatively, here is a map that shows some of the areas to watch out for, as well as a good place to turn around when pulling a tube, skier, or wakeboarder.  As you learn more of the river, you’ll likely come up with other favorite places to boat.

Be aware of safe boating distance from the docks across from SYBC.  If skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing, you should be at least 200 feet from the docks, or halfway across the river if 200 feet isn’t possible.  SYBC members are not allowed to wake surf in front of the club, or anywhere in front of the docks across the river.  Wake surfing should only be done downriver from the club.



Question: What is an Associate membership?

Answer: An Associate membership is a special lower-cost, non-voting, membership available for people who were Full members, but no longer have a boat, or for people who would like to use the boat ramp only during off-season months (October through April). A Full member can choose to downgrade their membership to Associate (as long as they have been a Full member for at least three years and later upgrade back to Full. 

An Associate member cannot launch a boat from SYBC during the boating season (May through September).

Remember that upgrades and downgrades of your membership are subject to an available slot being open, and must be approved by the Board.  For 2018, SYBC has a cap of 15 Associate members, with 13 at this time.



Question: I’ve applied for membership. How do I find out where I am on the waiting list?

Answer: Contact any Board Member.  Remember that the waiting list is serviced in order of application date, and openings usually are available near the beginning of the year.



Question: I currently have an Associate Membership. How do I upgrade my membership to Full Member?

Answer: Any member in good standing can upgrade or downgrade membership, subject to available slots. The club allows a maximum of 80 Full and 15 Associate memberships. There are currently 85 Full and 13 Associate members.  If a slot is open, current members have priority over non-members. If there are no available slots, then you must wait until one opens up.

Any change in membership level requires prior approval of the Board of Directors. You can get approval either by attending a Board Meeting (typically on the first Monday of each month), or by submitting your request in writing to the Board. Please get approval before submitting your payment for your desired new membership level.



Question: I am selling my boat. Is my SYBC membership transferrable?

Answer: No it is not, but you can sponsor them if they’d like to complete an application for membership.



Question: Can I temporarily park a vehicle or boat at the club?

Answer: SYBC members are allowed to park a vehicle on the grounds for a maximum of 72 hours.



Question: Can I park my boat or trailer in the gravel parking lot?

Answer: The gravel spaces are mostly reserved parking.  You cannot park your boat or trailer in a space reserved (and paid for) by another member unless you have permission.  You can find a listing of available spaces by talking to any of the board members, or by logging into the Member Portal.



Question: Are dues prorated and refunded if I terminate my membership during the year?

Answer: No. If there is an unusual reason for terminating your membership early, you are free to request an exception from the Board.



Question: Can I hunt from the club?

Answer: Firearms are not allowed at Salem Yacht and Boat Club during the boating season, which runs from May 1 through September 30 of each year. During the boating season, no hunting is permitted either on the club grounds, or from boats launched from the SYBC boat ramp or grounds.

During the off-season, firearms are allowed on the grounds for sporting purposes, such as hunting, however, it is not permissible to hunt on the grounds. Hunting access is restricted to using the grounds for launching a boat, which might be used for hunting. It is forbidden to discharge a firearm on the SYBC grounds at any time. Violations are subject to Board action, up to and including loss of SYBC membership.

Lawful carry of a concealed handgun, by persons possessing a valid concealed carry permit or license, as well as carry by law enforcement officers, is permitted at all times.