Rules and Guidelines

(last updated June 2019)

Proof of InsuranceAll members MUST provide proof of insurance to the club with a copy of insurance policy or certificate of insurance each year for all watercraft to be used at the club.This proof insurance will be provided to the landlord each year.  This is important for the protection and liability of the club.

Dry MoorageOnly Boats and Boat Trailers, Docks and Dock Trailers are allowed to be stored in the gravel parking area.  All boats, trailers, and like items must be licensed and towable.This means all docks and boats must be on trailers, and the trailers must have inflated tires, and have current Oregon registration tags or plates.  Any requests for exceptions need to be made IN WRITING to the SYBC Board.  These requests, if approved by the board, will be forwarded to the landlord for their approval.  Possible exceptions would be for items like small storage sheds for storing water sports equipment.  All items not specifically permitted by the new moorage rule need to be removed from the club property prior to the start of the boating season (May, 2019).

Fueling Fueling of boats and other watercraft is not allowed on the SYBC grounds, on the boat ramp, or on the beach.  This rule is for the protection of the club and landlord against Hazardous Material claims made by a casual observer or environmental activist.  Claims of gas or oil spills can result in many thousands of dollars in legal fees and fines.


Safety Guidelines

  • DOCKS – When boating past the houses across the river, maintain a safe distance from the docks.  This is especially true if you are creating a large wake.


  • CHILDREN – Oregon Law requires children under 12 years of age wear life jackets when on the water.  It’s also a good idea to have small children wear life jackets when playing in the water.


  • LAW – All boat operators must have an Oregon boater education card with them at all times when operating a motor boat over 10hp.  


  • PWC – Operate all boats, and especially Personal Watercraft safely!  If you are pulling someone on skis, wake board, or tube, remember that you still need a spotter, and your boat or PWC must be able to legally carry the operator, spotter, and whoever you’re pulling.  The marine patrol does issue citations for violators. 


  • SURFING – Please do not wake surf between the entrance to the cove and the last house across the river.  The wake created by surfing is very large.  It can wash boats off the shore or injure swimmers.  The houses across the river have docks, and the waves created when you surf can damage the docks or boats tied to them.


  • DROPPING AT BEACH – Exercise caution when dropping a skier or wakeboarder at the beach.  You should never drop at the beach if there are other boats moving around, if there are boats on the beach, or if children are swimming.  If you do drop at the beach, make sure you come in from the downriver side (with the beach on your right).


  • BOARD MEMBERS – If you are operating any motorized watercraft in a way that other members are worried about safety, a Board Member may ask you to leave the area or even leave the club.  You are required to follow the directions of a Board Member.


Guest Rules

  1. Only members and their guests are allowed to be on club grounds or use club facilities.
  2. Members must accompany guests at all times.
  3. Members must meet their guests at the gate and escort them in.
  4. Members may launch watercraft and use the ramp.  Guests may not launch any motorized watercraft.
  5. Guests may not bring guests.  Only members may bring guests.
  6. A member may only have five (5) guests on SYBC grounds at any time.  Additional guests must be approved by a Board Member.
  7. Married adults share a membership.  Any adult who is not married to a member is considered a guest, and is subject to all rules applying to guests.


General Rules

Each member is responsible for cleaning their garbage from the beach and anywhere on the grounds.  Garbage cans or dumpsters are provided for your use.  If they are full, please notify a Board Member.  You can text the Board by texting (971) 599-2789.  If the cans are full, you will need to take your garbage with you.  Do not simply leave it piled on top of a full can, or sitting on the ground beside a can.

Any changes you wish to make in your membership status must be made, in writing, to the Board.

  1. GATE – The gate must be locked and closed at all times unless approved by a Board Member.  Always make sure the gate closes behind you.  Do not climb the gate or fence.  Anyone caught climbing over will be sanctioned.
  2. KEYCARDS – If you lose your keycard, contact the Vice Commodore immediately.  A new keycard will be issued, and you will be charged $10 for each card.  Each family may have a maximum of 5 keycards.
  3. DOGS – Dogs are allowed on the grounds from October 2 through April 30, and should be kept on leashes.  The rest of the year, dogs are not permitted on the grounds.  Please pick up after your pets and properly dispose of the refuse.
  4. RAMP – Never leave vehicles or trailers on the ramp unattended.  Never block the ramp.  Be considerate of others that are trying to use the ramp.  Fueling of boats on the ramp is not permitted.
  5. PARKING – The lower parking lot, as well as the grassy area above the beach, is for Members only, and you may use it for one vehicle only.  If you have more than one vehicle, the remaining must be parked in the upper lot.  Guests may park in the upper lot only.  The gravel lot is reserved parking for members paying for Dry Moorage.  Make sure you are not parking your vehicles or boat in a space that is reserved for another member.  Fueling of boats in the parking lots is not permitted.
  6. BOATS – Boats and trailers may be left at the club for up to 72 hours.  Any member leaving a boat or trailer longer will be charged for annual moorage (currently $200).  Members are required to maintain licenses and insurance on their watercraft, and provide proof of insurance to the club annually.
  7. VEHICLES on BEACH – It is not permitted to park on the beach.  The lower grassy area (collectively referred to as the Family Area, and is entered from the ramp) is available for members’ parking only.  If you have heavy or bulky items, you can drive onto the beach for the purpose of loading or unloading only, and then you must move your vehicle to a parking area or the grassy area.  Recreational vehicles used for camping may be parked in the family area between the hours of 6:00pm and 10:00am.
  8. TRASH – Remember to properly dispose of your own trash.
  9. GUNS – Firearms are prohibited from SYBC grounds from May 1 through October 1.  This includes rifles, shotguns, BB guns, pellet guns, handguns, etc.  Concealed handguns, carried in accordance with Oregon State Law, are excepted from this rule.
  10. SMOKING – If you smoke, please use courtesy and smoke away from other members.  Do not smoke in the BBQ area.  Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.  Smoking is not permitted in any of the covered areas.  This includes the BBQ structure, as well as the shade structures on the beach.
  11. DRUGS – No illicit drugs are allowed on SYBC grounds.  Illicit drugs are defined by the SYBC Board as any illegal drugs, as well as marijuana.  Immediate action will be taken by the board if this rule is violated.
  12. CAMPING – For privacy, please pitch tents at least 15 feet apart.
  13. CLUB FUNCTIONS – Club functions, such as Hot August Nights or the 3rd of July Festival, are for members’ enjoyment.  If you attend a club function you must pay the admission charge, if applicable.


Membership Information

Full Members:  Members with complete membership privileges and responsibilities, as well as the privilege of launching and operating motorized watercraft from the club grounds.  Unmarried children of Full Members, 25 years and younger, living in the same household, are permitted to launch and operate motorized watercraft from the club grounds.

Associate Members:  Members who do not have the privilege of launching and operating motorized watercraft from the club grounds, except from October 2 through April 30.  Associate members cannot vote or hold office, but have all other privileges of Full Members.

Probationary Members:  All members are probationary for the first twelve months of their membership.

Initiation Fee:  All classifications of membership require a one-time initiation fee.  The current initiation fee is $250.

Dues:  All members must pay annual dues.  The amount is determined prior to the annual meeting each year by the Board.